Dr. Sayeed at South Texas Bone and Joint Institute uses the anterior approach for hip replacement surgery as a way to speed up the recovery process. He successfully used this approach for many patients in the military that flew from overseas to have surgery with him. As opposed to other surgical approaches to hip replacement surgery that cut and reattach muscle tissue, the anterior approach spreads muscle tissue apart to allow surgical access for total hip replacement. By preserving muscle tissue and minimizing the incision, it is thought that the anterior approach can give patients a faster recovery time.

While the anterior approach is relatively new to the U.S., as a leader in hip replacement surgery in the South Texas region, Dr. Sayeed is both skilled and experienced in all hip replacement techniques, including the anterior hip approach.

While Dr. Sayeed offers the anterior approach for many hip replacement surgeries, each patient is unique and may require a different approach or combination of approaches in order to optimize a patient’s lifestyle and fulfill a patient’s individual goals. Dr. Sayeed will work closely with each individual patient to create a treatment plan that is right for them.

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